About Us

Invidious Being has been created by, and for the neurodivergent and misfits of today’s society. We wanted to create a brand that reflected the inner thoughts and feelings of being misunderstood. In our lives we are constantly wearing dark colours and found it hard to find simple but compelling designs to wear; that is when we decided to launch Invidious Being. At Invidious Being we produce the ‘basics’ tees for everyday wear, that are also sentimental to who we are and what we deal with (and just some cool designs too). These designs remind us that even though life can be hard, we are not alone and everyone has something they are dealing with.

invidious • \in-VID-ee-us\ • adjective. 1 : tending to cause discontent, animosity, or envy 2 a : unpleasant, objectionable, or obnoxious b : of a kind to cause harm or resentment, especially unfair treatment.

We deem the word ‘invidious’ not by who we are, but what our brain creates us to feel. 

Remember to always be kind to one another and we hope you enjoy our shirts!